Building an arcade cabinet from scratch

One of my current projects consists in building and old arcade cabinet entirely from scratch.

This would be a long process. I am planning to buy wood panels and cut them off to form the cabinet based on the blueprints I am finishing off.

I have the controls already ordered at Ultimarc, and I am currently preparing the computer I’m going to bundle inside the cabinet.

I have also a 21” CRT TV happily waiting to be dismantled and connected to the cabinet 🙂

For running roms I’m using Mame, of course, apart of some other good emulators for Sega and Nintendo game consoles.

Paired with Mame I’m using Mamewah, which is a Mame front-end that let you browse your rom list with the arcade controls, rather than with a keyboard and a mouse. It let you use other emulators as well, so we can select any rom, from any emulator we have installed, without leaving Mamewah.

In the following posts I will be explaining each step of the construction of the cabinet.

Wish me luck :mrgreen: