NetBeans IDE 7 Cookbook Review

I just finished reading the NetBeans IDE 7 Cookbook by Rhawi Dantas.This book is a collection of recipes addressing common tasks you will face writting applications with Netbeans.

These recipes are small, direct and concise tutorials that will show you, step by step, the procedure to achieve those tasks.

There are more than 70 recipes grouped by several topics like GUI, Mobile, Web Applications, Refactoring and so on.

Each recipe has four different sections: an introduction, the how-to of the recipe, a description of how it works, and some text about additional things or procedures you can use to extend the procedure of the addressed task.

You can download a free sample chapter to get an idea of how the recipes are written.

One of the good things of the book is that it is not bound to any language at all. It shows all the main features of Netbeans available for any language and technology, covering how to create the projects and how to use the common tools to all the languages and some others that are language specific.

In the other hand it does not cover all the things you can do with Netbeans (obviously!), but is a good introduction of the main things you will find on the IDE.

I have to say that I am a Netbeans user since 2005 and I am very used to it. With that in mind, I feel this book is not well suited for advanced users or people already familiar with Netbeans.

That is not necessarily a bad thing. The book is indeed for those coders who are making their first steps into this IDE and need a tutorial for quickly getting things up and running.

All in all, this is a very valuable book for beginners or for people that is currently starting up with Netbeans. It will teach you the basics steps to quickly start developing applications with Netbeans.  The concepts and recipes are basic so more advanced users may want to pass.