My custom arcade cabinet blueprints

It’s a long time since I last wrote about building a home made arcade cabinet. See…

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  2. Buttons and controls for our arcade cabinet

My project got started at 2008! but having 2 children since then is not an easy task… and the project become stale.

Fortunately, I recently started getting some more free time so I could manage to finish the cabinet.

First thing first, draw the blueprints!

I used 3D Studio MAX. It’s not the perfect tool to do the task but it’s the tool I am most comfortable with.

So, this is how it looks like:

And the same pieces flattened:

I didn’t want any curve lines bacause that translates into problems when you are cutting the wood panels. This was my first time using a jigsaw so it must be easy.

Straight lines all along! and still looking good, me thinks…

Anyway, in case anyone is interested here is the max file.

In the following post I’ll show you how it went the right way 🙂