Building the arcade cabinet from scratch

With the blueprints and the measures in my hand I went to a local wood store and had the panels cut in pieces.

The next thing was giving the panels some cool form. Cabinet form, actually 😛

This was my first time using a jigsaw and it went almost right.

Building the cabinet from the pieces was straightforward.

I drilled all the necessary holes in order to build the main control panel. Then I placed and wired all the buttons.

I used an old 21” PAL TV well suited for my purposes.

As a bonus, I planned doors in the front side so I could also use the cabinet to store some stuff in it, apart from being the only way to access the electronics.

I used acrylic glass instead of regular glass. It’s easier to manage but it’s also easier to scratch its surface.

So this is how the cabinet looked completely built up. In this shot you can see that I initially used U-molding but I was not satisfied with the results so I end up ordering some T-Molding directly from here.

Then I started drawing the side and front arts. I based my work on a free Bomberman Illustrator file I found on the net based on this original drawing from Hudson Soft.

The final side and front arts.

Placing the arts is a lot easier than you might initially think. A water spray did the trick.

Finally, I placed the T-molding. My daughter was happy to see it working 🙂

And the final product, nice! :mrgreen: