The rise and fall of Gearboy on Cydia

After several months of hard work my Game Boy Color emulator Gearboy can be considered as finished.

It has sound, full emulation of the most usual memory bank controllers, save files, disassembler, frame mixing and can be played on many platforms including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Raspberry Pi.

The compatibility is pretty high. It can run almost all Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Most of them run flawlessly.

If you are interested you can grab the full source code and binaries from here:

Some days ago I had the happy idea of selling the iOS port on Cydia. It was a good idea indeed.

This attracted a lot of people on Twitter and the news of a new Game Boy emulator running on iPhone 5 got viral. Quite a lot of people were asking me about the emulator, its features and when it was going to be released.

Gearboy eventually went live on Cydia and was selling pretty fast when suddenly, only a few hours later, I got an email from Saurik telling me he was having some issues with PayPal not allowing payments for the emulator. So he decieded to refund all customers and pull the emulator out of Cydia.

This was sad 🙁

Anyway, I learnt a lot by writing Gearboy and it was quite funny. In the end, my real interest is just to learn how consoles do work.