Hydrium (PC)



Hydrium is a PC game made by Cesar Sampedro, David García and me back in 2005.

In the game, you’re the blue balloon. You move by releasing little puffs of air left, right, up or down, which sets you floating off in that direction, coasting until you release another puff to change directions. You can slow down and stop with a sort of brake.

The strategy comes in by each little puff of air you release costs you a certain amount of your balloon air. Your balloon starts big, and gets smaller as you maneuver. You need to conserve air by not being too aggressive. If you run out of air, POP, you die and you have to start the level over.

We presented hydrium for the first time at the ArtFutura 2005 show where it won the “Best Design” award.

You can download it from its official site.