Ozone (iOS)

One year of hard coding and long periods without sleep and finally I finished Ozone with my mates at Geardome!

This is one of the most ambitious projects I worked on my own…


Some facts about the game:

– 1 year of development (not full time). Although we based the game in a previous game of us (Hydrium) we started completely from scratch, both art, audio and code.

– Full 3D game engine coded in C++ and fully optimized for portable devices (iPhone, iPad, PSP, Nintendo DS…), easily portable, with cool features, effects, particles, culling, but lacks some things like materials and animation (maybe for the next game).

– 60 FPS on iPad, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 2nd gen and above.

– Fully integrated with Bullet Physics Engine for physics simulation. Bullet runs quite fast indeed! We are definitely using it for future projects.

– 3D positional sound using OpenAL.

– Modular design, based in episodes. Ozone currently ships with 5 episodes but it will be easy for us to add more episodes, just in case.

– Online MySQL database for storing world wide scores. Well, Game Center didn’t exist at that time.

– iPad edition with HD graphics and high resolution textures.